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  1. Tolkien also specifically mentions that Egypt was an influence for Gondor. The point being, Tolkien took inspiration for his cultures from many sources and he HATED one to one correlations. He never equates one culture with one other. His inspirations and influences come from many places. I think you are seriously limiting him as an artist to suggest that each of his cultures was meant to be a specific culture from recorded history.

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  3. Oh my god, the smile on my face is huge. SHE IS SUCH A CUTIE! With amazing style at that! Look at those red shoes and that color blocking. Mommy's girl? Little fashionista? I can't get enough of these photos. Also, her name is so sweet. It's my Mom's name and my Grandmother's name, but besides that I haven't heard anyone else by that name besides on TV. Why did you choose it?Courtney

  4. Republicae, Kudos to you for a well written and thoughtful comment! The commentators on this blog never cease to amaze me. The brilliant Grigg seems to attract equally sharp readers and commentators to his highly informative blog. The challenge before us is to transfer some of this acuity unto the American masses. Good luck!

  5. “Isn’t the speaker supposed to be intelligent enough not to make such ass-hatted generalizations in the first place, and thus avoid the whole mess?”Aren’t you supposed to be intelligent enough to actually discuss the subject? If you would like to join the discussion, it is about false rape accusations. Let me guess, you don’t have anything to say.

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  7. Yummy! Would you call that beautiful creation with the prosciutto and penne and cheese some kind of “pasta bake” or is that too pedestrian? Haha- would love to find out what happened to the asparagus- your ordering of photos is like leaving clues to a murder mystery, and my curiosity is pulling hard at the leash!

  8. Grandmere,I agree with you about Nicola and Giovanni Pisano. I think Giovanni's boast was justified. I think the sculptures on Giovanni's pulpit are amazing, especially considering how old they are.I'm delighted that you like the Arnolfo sculptures. I like him a lot myself. I also think he's a wonderful architect.

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  10. I like both too. The clear one brings the smile to me when it reminds me the wonderful memory I had with friends and family while visiting there before. The blurry one makes me smile, too because it gives me a wider range of imagination to let my mind flows. Plus the colorful dots just so cheerful to look at. 🙂

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  14. Dear Jill, Wheras a blanket of snow can be so beneficial to many garden plants, frost cover is altogether more destructive so I do hope that your cherished blooms will be spared. The colour of the Evelyn roses is delicious. Such a delicate baby pink…but they are very tough and will, I am sure be unscather by this brutal weather you are having.

  15. Så flott, Randi! Nå kan du dra av sted og bare kose deg! Stooor klem fra meg.Og vet du, jeg har tenkt ofte på hvor rart det er at vi må få slike opplevelser for å "tacka livet". Det er først når vi mister noen/ noe at vi ser dette klart.Det vet jeg alt om, tror jeg.

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  18. Rich and I began our careers together. He was a wonderful friend, colleague, teacher, coach and mentor. He gave thousands of hours of his own time to Westport’s young people. Rich exhibited those qualities of humanity that made me proud to be his peer. His influence will continue to be felt by those he reached during his outstanding career as an educator Rest in peace.

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  21. Oh man, this game is going to be so amazing. Also, that Death Egg Robot music. Fargin’ awesome. After all, Robotnik doesn’t forget a fargin’ face, kid. You icehole.

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  23. Hi Vera, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I think one possible overriding motivation for all these groups is economic rather than intentional mischief, though I am not saying it is always so. It is easier to sell entertainment products that reinforce a stereotype than those that challenge it. My next post is about an artiste who is using his works to project a positive image of Africa beyond monitoring what others might be saying about it!21. November 2012, 21:05

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  27. Great advice on going with the flow! We are trying to find some routine, but understand that it take time and patience to find what works. Thanks for doing the carnival. I look forward to participating again next month!

  28. Hi Matthew,Apologies for not responding to the comment earlier. I am now back in London and getting caught up on a lot of mail and messages. Trust all is well with you.Best wishes,Michael

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  30. I would bet on the average distance traveled by oil is increasing. Mexico's pipeline imports to the US are decreasing, Venezuela's exports are increasingly travelling the Pacific to China rather than across the Carribean to the US, etc. Moreover, I would bet that more of the tanker fleet is now engaged in the playing of the commodities market, such as sitting off the coast, fully loaded, waiting for someone's calls or puts to come due.

  31. I was glad to see you mention grape seed oil. I have stopped using canola. This is the first time I saw grape seed oil as an alternative in a recipe. Lime is such a great addition to shrimp, isn’t it?

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  35. Oh Wow! this is So pretty Bev!! I love the kick stand design and the image is adorable and beautifully coloured! Love the paper and the flowers – reminds me of Sweet Peas – I think it is the colours! Gorgeous card!Hope you have a good day!Hugs Sue xx

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  37. By Robin September 16, 2010 – 4:47 pmGlad you wrote the letter. Sigh….Resonated with me because I’ve been spending alot of time at work trying to find a place for a patient and it’s just getting me into trouble. I don’t want to discharge him to a shelter yet I do wish we had a shelter where I live.

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  39. Basiu, a wiesz, że ja szukałam na zdjęciu tych papierowych talezyków? Kilka razy patrzyłam, aż w końcu wypatrzyłam:) Są śliczne! Eleganckie:) A sałatka z pewnością pyszna! Trzymam kciuki za pogodę dla Ciebie!

  40. – Everything that happened in those days was good. Just some of it f**ked some of us up. Provided your parents had a job in those days, life in Dublin for a child couldn’t have been all that bad.

  41. well… we think there is a role for government assistance but we agree that program X needs to be looked at as doing more harm than good. I am optimistic that Jonathon Reyes will be different. Even those of good will however may have made assumptions that to care for the poor means supporting any government program that targets them. This is no more logical than saying that any drug designed to treat condition X, will benefit that condition without a rigorous evaluation of the actual effect.

  42. I'd never heard of TJIC until reading about him the last couple of days, and being a Brit and on the other side of the world I'm an "outsider", in more than one sense, and enough so to disqualify me from the intended range of Martin Luther King's words when he wrote "…"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality…", but I say that, in the relevant ethical sense, his delimitation of those remarks to the borders of the United States was wrong: I'm TJIC too.

  43. You’re taking that quote out of context. Alpert’s main point seemed to be that the project should have received a full analysis before a final decision was made. In your last sentence, you seem to be saying that you’re in favor of just anything, since it’ll provide some data which will be helpful in making future decisions. However, if you live in the area, use the road, or pay taxes to support it, you’d want this particular decision to be made on the basis of the best analysis we can do now.

  44. #37 No. They’re stupid. There’s no other explanation. Who would be dumb enough to take a bribe in New Jersey? The FBI has LOTS of smart young go-getters who would just LOVE to take these guys down and New Jersey is richly blessed with corruption. Always has been. Wow. A banquet of dirty pols to choose from. I wonder how many FBI agents are on the waiting list to be transferred to Jersey. You go, guys! Take ‘em ALL down.

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  48. Lori, you are so good at balancing your activities to allow for your own time as well as social time. I could take a lesson from you! Your sanctuary is very similar to mine, your home & your pets. I know how much you enjoy your alone time in the company of Max & Bella which is something that I enjoy with my animals as well. We both benefit from the time we spend in our sanctuaries, we relax & re-energize then are ready to conquer the world! Thank you for sharing! Carrie

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  51. “Every five years or so junior there’s a financial crisis”thats another meme you need to expound upon Simon. in other words, every 5 yrs or so expect to be raped and pillaged by the big banks. its just the natural course of things…BS (and that does not mean Baseline Scenario)

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  81. Nicole, thank you for coming to NYC from Minnesota to attend these important meetings! Having you and Elizabeth there made all the difference. I’m looking forward to all the posts that will result on World Moms Blog’s World Voice column from the connections we made. Very exciting, and a great compliment to all of our regular posts from our global contributors. Thank you for sharing this post! Jen

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  83. Some of the comments here are very Daily Mail. Anyway, I never understand why the parents stand outside the school for the duration of the test. What is the point? Are they beaming their good aura to their kids inside?And I would think that pressuring your child to do well is only going to have a negative effect. I am not suggesting that parents should be flippant about this test, but these young minds could easily snap under all the pressure that they have been put under.

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