The Doctor is In

Dr. Newman is available for event hosting and casting opportunities, inquire here.

Impress your Holiday party guests with the soft rock stylings of Dr. Newman’s low-key and low-tech deejaying services.

Dr. Jonathan Newman will add the perfect element of enchantment to your Holiday festivities, office party, yacht harbor cruise and so much more!”— Martha Stewart

To reserve deejay Dr. Newman for your special Holiday event, please email

Dr. Newman’s sample party playlist

Fees vary depending on your needs and geographical factors.

Get to know Dr. Newman…

“I’m Dr. Jonathan Newman, Pop Psych guru to the stars, loving and living in beautiful Santa Monica, California.  I was raised by a single mom and five sisters, so yes, brother, I am a feminist! I’m also an aquarium hobbyists, brew my own Kombucha, and love animals.  I got my first taste of the spotlight in Jackie Beat’s RE-RUNS IN PANTYHOSE production of Golden Girlz – Still Alive, it’s been a wild journey ever since!”

What is your favorite word?  “Recycle!”

What is your least favorite word?  “Can’t”

What turns you on?  “Animal rescue.”

What turns you off?  “Patients who do not honor my 24 hour Cancellation Policy.”

What sound or noise do you love?  “My rainstick.  And, anything by Mannheim Steamroller.”

What sound or noise do you hate?  “Life’s too short for hate.”

What is your favorite curse word?  “Turkey!”

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  “Modern Jazz musician, however, I do play a mean electric flute on any given sunny So Cal day on the Venice boardwalk.” #livingthedream

What profession would you not like to do?  “TSA” 

“Electric Dragon 2”, starring Dr. Jonathan Newman

“Serengeti Nights” starring Dr. Jonathan Newman

Dr. Newman featured in Margaret Cho’s, Kill My Rapist, video: