A love letter to vintage purses, Yma Sumac & Jackie Beat

I was fortunate enough to be handed-down, by way of Jackie Beat (and Damon Devine), a collection of glamour songstress Yma Sumac’s personal items.  Jackie dropped off the kind of loot dames like me dream of, several items being cute, small, feminine and gold in stock condition.  I wanted to share with you the item that stole my heart, collectors and Yma fans will appreciate it.

The latest addition to my purse collection is a sweet tiny 5” x 3” gold clutch/travel vanity with secret compartments and a compact comb!  The design and innovation of this stealth lil number are exactly what make me collect.  Who wouldn’t be ready for some 007 action with this accessory!

This little piece of wearable art is endearing to me for reasons deeper than aesthetics.  It belonged to Yma Sumac, an iconic diva I respect and admire, handed down to me by my thoughtful and loving BFF Jackie Beat who knows what makes me squeal with purse collecting glee.

Below, amazing footage encapsulating Yma Sumac’s fierce dignity and talent (via Jackie Beat):

~ ~ ~

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