dog & pony show

Selene Luna’s Dog & Pony Show is a fearless anything goes variety show featuring first-rate stand-up, vocal, drag and burlesque talent; think Ed Sullivan Show meets Phyllis Diller, with Selene Luna as your host!  As its namesake implies, Selene Luna’s Dog & Pony Show is a crapshoot, we never know what’s going happen, but with a combined 368 years of showbiz experience between Luna and her rotating cast every show is a delight!

In this age of reality TV stunt weddings and drunken orange Jersey trash, Selene Luna’s Dog and Pony Show is a love letter to American vaudeville, where raw talent and perseverance were the only way to earn the spotlight.  Please join us at Selene Luna’s Dog and Pony Show at Akbar, Silver Lake’s watering hole oasis!


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