selene’s hollywood confidential

premieres February 22nd!

“Selene’s Hollywood Confidential” is a character-driven, dramedy Soap chronicling the daily lives of frustrated actress Selene Luna and her misfit showbiz friends. At 3’10”, this Mexican-American Los Angelino faces daily challenges in a big person’s world and being an out of work actor doesn’t make things easier. Selene is veteran of the stage performing as a comedian, international burlesque dancer, has appeared in films like My Bloody Valentine 3D and even co-starred alongside Margaret Cho in VH1’s The Cho Show, which landed Selene a nomination for MTV LOGO’s NewNowNext: Brink of Fame: Comic Award. Critical acclaim and a decade plus of showbiz experience, and she still can’t catch a break! Passionately committed to the business of show, Selene floats in limbo between stardom and obscurity, one-minute she’s grocery shopping at the 99¢ Store, the next, strutting down the red carpet, a surreal dichotomy enough to drive anyone crazy.

“Selene’s Hollywood Confidential” follows Selene through the painstaking process of conquering Hollywood on her terms. This tenacious firecracker who’s a little Fran Drescher, Karen Walker and Tura Satana cocktail served with the cunning of Betty Boop rounds-up her friends and puts-up weekly variety shows at LA’s The Cavern Club Theater to pay the bills between gigs. At The Cavern Club Theater, Selene works out new stand-up material in a variety show featuring her wacky larger than life family of performers Jackie Beat, Nadya Ginsburg, Mario Diaz and Jonny McGovern. Jackie Beat, drag superstar who’s amassed legions of fans with her razor-sharp comedy and hysterical song parodies. Nadya Ginsburg, the knock-out Jew-Talian Stallion who single-handedly gives SNL a run for it’s money with her off beat original characters and celebrity impressions. Mario Diaz, club promoter famous for revolutionizing the LA & NY gay club scene turned dancer who brings the perfect element of sexiness to every show. Jonny McGovern, Gay pop superstar, TV personality, and nightlife legend, he is the “Gay Pimp”. Along with celebrity guests plucked right out of Selene’s Hollywood Rolodex, and a rotating cast of groundbreaking performers who also find themselves tapping on Hollywood’s notorious glass ceiling. This band of modern-day vaudevillians consistently push boundaries with surreal, risqué and hilarious shows that never fail to please their loyal queer and hipster audience. Stories and conflict develop organically from rehearsals to backstage hijinx to last-minute showtime butterflies.

In “Selene’s Hollywood Confidential”, we witness the sobering reality of what it takes to conquer Hollywood. Selene walks a fine line between achieving crossover success and paying the bills, but gets through it with a funny bone.

Hollywood, this is your last chance!

VIDEO CREATED BY John T. Stapleton