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A trail-blazing little person in the entertainment world, Selene Luna, at 3’10″, is a small package with very big presence known for her role in Lionsgate’s feature, MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D, and cult favorites, GINGERDEAD MAN 3: SATURDAY NIGHT CLEAVER and DEMONIC TOYS 2: PERSONAL DEMONS.  Luna’s notable TV appearances include CELEBRITY WIFE SWAP, CELEBRITY FAMILY FEUD and Margaret Cho‘s Vh1′s THE CHO SHOW – a performance that landed Luna a nomination for MTV LOGO’s NewNowNext: Brink of Fame: Comic Award.



Selene Luna stars as the voice of tía Rosita in Disney-Pixar’s, COCO, Academy Award & Golden Globe A

Selene Luna stars as the voice of tía Rosita in Disney-Pixar’s, COCO (Academy Award & Golden Globe Awards’ Winner for Best Animated Picture), the first-ever All-Latino cast in major movie studio history.   

Tía Rosita in Disney-Pixar’s, COCO


Luna has written and performed six original one-woman shows, most recently Born to Be Alive, produced by the Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center. Luna’s stand-up comedy has led her to work alongside comedy legends Roseanne Barr and Robin Williams. Luna’s proudest stand-up comedy credit has been opening Margaret Cho’s national tour. Luna is currently producing, DON’T LAUGH AT US! A “Special” Comedians Comedy Special, the first-ever standup comedy show featuring an all-disabled line-up.

Stand Up Comedy

Press Quotes

photo by Devin Smith

“She [Selene Luna] has been a part of my life in many different capacities, but she is awesome, she is hilarious, she’s beautiful and as an entertainer, she’s so incredibly diverse, you know, culturally. She’s a little person, she’s so unique, she’s so amazingly adept at bringing her perspective to the stage.”


“Selene Luna — who delivered almost 30 minutes of impressive, fresh takes on being a little person, being an atheist who’s afraid of ghosts and being in a committed relationship with a “normal-sized” guy.”— CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“A polished spitfire.”— THE NEW YORK TIMES

[Luna] a walking ball of comic defiance,

which is exactly what stand-up is supposed to be.”— LA WEEKLY

“…the blistering self-assurance of Gypsy Rose Lee.”— TALKIN’ BROADWAY


“Selene Luna effortlessly initiates the theme of the tour that Margaret Cho amplifies when she takes center stage — interweaving the polarizing political and social climate with a motivating message whilst simultaneously providing strong comedic rhetoric. Doing this is quite difficult without creating an awkward or divergent environment. However, Luna sets the precedent. By the time Cho takes to the microphone, Luna has wasted no time.” — OUT IN JERSEY

“Cho’s national tour opener, Selene Luna, also found humor in the White

House, joking that the current administration just may be our

punishment for avoiding the Y2K apocalypse that might have been.

Luna also generated lots of laughs sharing her love of being a

newlywed and her terrifying near-death experience of making love

on memory foam.”— REBELLIOUS MAGAZINE

“A delightful emotional rollercoaster… makes you leave the theater

satisfied that you are perfect just the way you are! … This show has

EVERYTHING I look for in an evening of entertainment.”— FRONTIERS MAGAZINE